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And it's all women.

Doonesbury comic for today. Transcript below.

Doonesbury comic transcript for image above:

Panel 1: Middle-aged businessman at an office computer, thinking, "Hmm... wonder what that meeting's about..."

Panel 2: Man getting up, "...And why I wasn't invited."

Panel 3: Man comes to a paper-strewn table with four women seated around it. "Hi, folks. Interrupting?"
Black-haired woman answers, "No, no, we're just going over first-quarter numbers."

Panel 4: Man, "Ladies-only meeting, I see."
Same woman, "Um... So it is. Problem?"

Panel 5: Man, "Not at all. In fact, there's good data showing that the more women in a group, the more intelligent it is."

Panel 6: Man, "Group IQ doesn't correlate with the average IQ of its members. It correlates with emotional intelligence!"

Panel 7: Man, "So the collective smarts in this room go way up when... when..."

Panel 8: Man, turning away, "...I'm not in it."
Younger woman, "Poppy, no! You can stay!"
First woman, "No one's correlating, Mike."