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More Water Song art

A pen-and-ink drawing of seven people. On the left, a well-built young man and a sullen young woman with an armful of books stand back to back. In the middle is a cheerful, freckled girl holding a young boy, with a strapping older merchant man standing beside her with a turban on his head and beads in his beard. On the right is an angry regal woman with a gold circlet and her hair flaring out around her face, holding tightly to the collar of a snarling catlike monster.
From the left: Amber, Puma, Fiona, Sha, Gillian, Ua'lin, catman

Shashigai laughs every time he sees it. "Ua'lin doesn't look like that!"

But she does, to the people who fear her, and during the time of the Water Song, there were plenty of reasons to fear her.



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Jul. 27th, 2014 07:21 pm (UTC)
Whoa that's cool! Lin looks scary. XD It's still kinda weird seeing you guys all be more like anime, you should totally draw anime Daria & Pyraxis!

Hey poke us later we should scan the stuff we drew recently & do 3D stuff!
Jul. 27th, 2014 07:54 pm (UTC)
Yes you should!

I'm working on 3d right now. It was blazingly hot this morning so we decided to go climbing later in the day after it had cooled off. So in about an hour we're going to disappear for a few hours and then be back to hopefully post 3d stuff too. I finished the modeling for the lighthouse and started textures, though I'm already discovering some things I missed.

I actually tried to draw anime Daria back a few years ago when I was doing the original character concepts for the Water Song people. It was hard. She came out looking kind of... either too civilized or grotesquely Neanderthal-like. I might be able to do better now, though.

It's weird, anime takes more skill than it looks. I thought this drawing came out well and then I went blog-hopping to look at a lot of other anime art, and the dynamism of the poses, the expressions, and the sense of physical form under the clothes was a lot better than I managed to capture here. I don't even want pure anime, just something kind of anime-influenced. Wolf really likes seeing black people in anime style, which there's not enough of, but I want it to keep something of a unique-to-me style too.
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