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It's just a little one. I'm not keeping up with a drawing every day, but it's still more art than I was doing before. I think I'm going to be reclaiming life slowly, in and around all the remaining paperwork, and even the fun chores like installing shelves and organizing storage.

We're still unpacking boxes. I've built myself a desk now, of two masonite boards which I'd once meant to cut up and prime for paintings. They're braced across stacks of boxes. I could still use them for paintings in the distant future when I get a proper desk. There are a lot of things on the agenda first, like a mattress, and maybe a washer and dryer, because the laundromat is a pretty long walk away.

Meanwhile, have a few sketches.

April 3. Some trees at a rest stop by the side of the highway.

A pen-and-ink drawing of a cluster of tree trunks, with two of them cut off into stumps, and two boulders nearby.

April 6. People at the laundromat.

Three pen-and-ink sketches of people. A smiling dark-haired woman in profile, with a tuque and plaid winter coat. An older woman in a cardigan, in animated conversation. A young man in a tuque and hoodie with a huge bushy beard.