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Brigit's Flame: October Week 2 ("navel")

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


What would make this navel any different from the ones nobody wants to see?

Some sassy in-your-face rant?

A heap of peeling sticky notes?

A little brown girl and a little white boy playing with bugs in the dirt, running like wolves and roaring into the sky?

Belly button lint in the form of post-its, spilling out over the desk, collecting gunk in the bottom of my purse, stuck together like the layers of an onion.

The pain and confusion of not being able to trust your own mind. Of having your muse get a sudden case of stage fright in the one moment she needs to sing loud and clear. Of curling up beside your patient lover, pen in hand, and when he leans down to nibble your arm, shrieking and hitting him. Freezing in terror at what you've done. Trying to explain in your best calm voice, through helpless tears, “No, no, it's okay. I didn't mean to hurt you.” Words failing. Hurt recoiling. I'm just trying to teach myself it's okay to come out and play.

I'll count on the stickies instead. Gather them into an unceremonious pile and meticulously peel them apart one by one:

People who live in glass houses shouldn't walk around naked.

People who want to look tough shouldn't pretend to be dragons.

Not even fear. Fear could be fought, faced down with a gaze willing to take the consequences, lasted out like an ocean storm. I could take manual control of the hand with the pen and force it to scrawl words on the page, any words, freewriting until the spell broke. But this is not fear, it is nothing....

The internet is a fishbowl full of navels. Little fleshy bundles floating in a magnifying sea, trailing bits of umbilical cord. Some haven't been washed in years. Some are pierced. Some sag in tattooed rolls of postpartum fat. Stare at yours long enough and everyone else will stare too.

People who live in internet fishbowls shouldn't walk around naked.


Oct. 16th, 2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
Well, it's different from what you first showed me, but I still like it. I still think it would have had more impact in the shorter version, but I like very much what you did with the RWE quote.

It felt a little diluted, and the first image of the post-its seems more like paper that got caught in some kid's sticky candy fingers. I liked the onion image better, though if it had to be moldy I'm glad it's gone.

:P I hope people don't get an image of you as having all that post partum fat. On the other hand, it may mean that me and the other guys at the rock climbing gym get to keep the real image all to ourselves...

Oops. I'm waxing something neither poetic nor hairy...
Oct. 16th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC)
LOL, what's wrong with post-partum fat?

I think we're going to have to agree to disagree about the impact of the shorter version. When I read it fresh last night, it didn't make a lot of sense, and I found myself getting impatient with it. Personally I like extra depth and detail. You're good at short; your Gillian and Auben excerpts prove that. But it doesn't work for me to mimic your style that closely, because I can't feel the rhythm of it.

If anything's diluted, IMO, it's the last sentence. The message it gives is way too predictable and inaccurate.